The Golden Journey: Japanese Art from Australian Collections Book

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The Golden Journey: Japanese Art from Australian Collection was written in 2009 by James Bennett and Amy Reigle Newland.

This major book explores the astonishingly rich heritage of Japanese art, from prehistoric times until Japan opened its doors to the West at the commencement of the Meiji period (1868–1912).

Lavishly illustrated it reveals the rich heritage of Japanese art held in Australia’s major public and private collections. Serene Buddhist sculptures, spectacular painted screens, miniature netsuke talismans, colourful Ukiyo-e images of the ‘floating world’, costumes, masks, armour and flamboyant export art created for Australia’s late nineteenth-century international exhibitions are all included in celebration of the profound lyricism and sophisticated eloquence of Japanese aesthetics.

Product details
Author - James Bennett
Published - 2009
Pages - 348 pages
Format - Softcover