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William Kentridge: Process As Metaphor & Other Doubtful Enterprises
William Kentridge: Smoke Ashes Fable
William Kentridge: Being Led by the Nose
William Kentridge: That Which We Do Not Remember Sketchbook
William Kentridge: That Which We Do Not Remember Publication
Quilty Evening Shadows wool scarf
Heartland exhibition catalogue
Gladys Reynell: The most delightful things on earth Exhibition Catalogue
2018 Adelaide Biennial Divided Worlds Exhibition Catalogue
Cresent Moon exhibition catalogue
Treasures publication
Quilty Captain Kate Porter gift card
Quilty Glow 1 gift card
Quilty The Blue Pill gift card
Quilty The Lot gift card
Quilty Self-portrait, the executioner Postcard
Quilty Self-portrait, after Afghanistan postcard
Quilty New bird postcard
Quilty The Blue Pill silk scarf
Quilty boxed set of cards
Quilty 'Distorted' mug
Quilty 'Screaming' mug
Quilty 'Ben's Head' mug