Tarnanthi - Lawrence Pennington notebook A5

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Tarnanthi 2023 - Lawrence Pennington notebook A5, blank pages

Featuring work Pukara Mapanpa (front cover) and Mituna Mapanpa (back cover) by Lawrence Pennington.

Lawrence Pennington, a Pitjantjatjara artist from the Spinifex Arts Project, has created a
duo of dynamic paintings on linen that highlight the immense power of the Wanampi, or
water snake. Using bold acrylic and phosphorescent paint, the artist has imbued his
work with the mapanpa (power) and spirit of the Wanampi Tjukurpa (ancestral creation
story), which extends across the vast desert regions of the Spinifex Lands.

Product size: 21cm x 15cm 

Exclusive to AGSA