Gwenneth Blitner silk scarf

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100% silk scarf, hand-rolled edges

Exclusive to AGSA

About Gwenneth Blitner

Gwenneth Ngilingili Blitner was born at the Old Roper River Mission, and grew up in Ngukurr. Her country is Nayirrinjion the Limmen Bight, and her language is Marra.

Gwenneth’s paintings feature landscapes from the Roper River Region. She uses bright colours and bold style to depict her country, with a special focus on flowers, hills and billabongs. Some of her favourite areas around Ngukurr township are Walmaja, Ngujalayi, Warrgujaja and Bullock Hole billabong. Gwenneth also likes making lino prints.

Gwenneth’s father and his brother were artists, and she watched them at work as a young girl. When she paints, she feels happy. Painting is important to her family, because it tells a story.  Gwenneth paints now to share her stories, and so her children and grandchildren can learn from her.

Gwenneth has worked with Ngukurr Arts since 2012.

Measurements: 88cm x 88cm