Cathedral of the Pines, Photographs by Gregory Crewdson (FIRST EDITION)

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Cathedral of the Pines presents Gregory Crewdson's first new body of work in over five years. The series marks a return to Crewdson's classic style of storytelling via the single image, using light and color to create newly intimate, psychologically charged imagery. It also marks a time of transition for the artist, including a retreat from New York to a remote home and studio in western Massachusetts—a period of time during which Crewdson chose to remain socially withdrawn, instead committing to daily, long-distance, open-water swims and cross-country skiing on wooded paths. Cathedral of the Pinesall that ever happened in these places seems crystallized in his tableaux, as if the quiet melancholy of Crewdson's scenes gathered the unruly sorrows and other little-guessed feelings of people long gone who once stood on those spots.

Author: Gregory Crewdson
Publisher: Aperture
Publish Date: 28 Jun 2016
Pages: 76 Pages
Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm 
ISBN: 9781597113502