Brent Harris: Sad Magdalene Limited Edition Print

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Sad Magdalene
2022 Melbourne
colour screenprint on paper

printed by Trent Walter at Negative Press, Melbourne

60 x 48 cm (image)
edition of 30 - $1500 each


‘The imagery for this work was first generated in 2007, after a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. A small polychrome sculpture in the medieval section of a Deposition from the Cross had this weeping figure in the background. I focused on this faceless figure and for some reason decided to make drawings of this on my return to Melbourne. Nothing became of these charcoal drawings at the time. Not until this year, 15 years after first engaging this imagery, I have now painted and made this print of my Sad Magdalene. As it appears now, I see also two pink shrouded figures entering a tomb.’

-      Brent Harris