Smudge Polly Borland


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SMUDGE is a series of photographs in which Polly Borland directs and dresses different models, among them musician Nick Cave, according to her own world. A world full of body stockings, rubber bathing caps, crotch-accentuating leotards, ping-pong balls, wigs put on backward - electric blue ones, blonde ones, horrid ones made of rusted steel wool. Borland manipulates and changes the models' presence through a highly original use of visual devices, costume and light, to produce an arresting and ambiguous subject. Whether they are the magnificent, life-affirming portraits or terrifying erotic distortions of strange creatures there is a deep love for the photographed subjects and the dignity that exists in their dysmorphia. 

Edited by : Nick Cave and Ignacio Andreu

Publisher : Actar D

Publish Date : March 2011

Page : 88

Format : BC - Softcover

Dimensions : 24 x 29.9 cm