Louise Haselton Act natural

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Louise Haselton offers glimpses of the curious inner lives of everyday and overlooked things. From the domestic to the exotic, the natural to the 'made', she distinctively intuits connections between seemingly disparate material vernaculars. Haselton believes in the invisible forces that bind and repel the world around us. 
With a witty reverence for the objects and materials she engages with, Haselton explores the communicative possibilities of weight, balance and form within her predominantly sculptural works. Her practice is unexpected, unconventional, and exemplary of an artist especially attuned to the matters which surround us.

Author : Gillian Brown, Leigh Robb and Jenna McKenzie

Publisher : Wakefield Press

Publish Date :  Nov 2019

Pages : 128

Format : BB - Hardback

Dimensions : 23.5 x 28 cm