Seljak Lune Blanket


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A soft, lighter-weight blanket suited to cool breezes. Lune can be used as a throw for the couch and the bed, for outdoor dining or taking to the moonlight cinema. Made with yarn spun in Italy out of old woollen jumpers and garments.

Lune is inspired by the tides and skies of the Great Barrier Reef. Just below the surface of the water is an explosion of life that relies on a precise inhale and exhale of the ocean. On the reef, the ever present sun and moon are a reminder we are at mercy to their power, and the fragility of life cycles are both within and beyond our controlKarina Seljak

Materials: 70% recycled wool, 25% polyamide, 5% recycled other fibres, made in Lithuania, fringe finish
Dimensions: 180cm x 130cm
Notes: Carbon neutral, closed-loop, sustainable, ethically made