Indian Textile Sourcebook


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Indian textile designs express dazzling inventiveness and creativity, from the woven silks of royalty to the simple block-printed patterns. This authoritative sourcebook overflows with colour and patterns to inspire and inform. The introduction gives an overview of Indian textiles, including methods by which they were made and their intended uses. The book is divided into three chapters defined by pattern style: Florals, Figurative and Geometric. Each comprises an introduction to the style's history, and demonstrates the techniques of structure, surface and embellishment patterning. A wealth of cross-referencing by theme and process makes this a uniquely useful resource. 

Author : Avalon Fotheringham

Publisher : Thames and Hudson Ltd

Publish Date : 1 Jun 2019

Page : 400

Format : BB - Hardback

Dimensions : 20.8 x 26.8cm