Catherine Truman: Touching distance

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Catherine Truman's practice has a palpable anatomy. Silken threads, connecting gestures, forms and techniques, reach across time and location, between suites of more traditionally crafted work and those that infiltrate and augment the scientific realm. The intertwining interdependent systems in her work articulate the relationships between the felt and experienced; the seen and unseen; between medium and production.

Drawn from generous conversations with Truman and extensive research into her archives, photographs, process documentation, journals, hard-drives and drawings - and illustrated with seductive images, predominantly by Grant Hancock - this is the first major publication on a great Australian artist.


Author: Melinda Rackham
Publisher: Wakefield Press
Publish Date: Jul 2016
Pages: 192
Format: BB - Hardback
Dimensions: 23.5 x 28 cm