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Bush Organics Raw Organic Honey Candle - 350g


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Beeswax candles burn brighter, longer, and cleaner than any other candle. The flame emits essentially the same light spectrum as the sun producing negative ions that are known to purify and clean your air of odors, pollen, smoke, dust, dust mites, viruses and other allergens.

Bush Organics is organically grown to heal, nuture and nourish on Kangaroo Island.
Their honey is harvested from native flora of biodiverse endemic bushlands. The honey is extracted from wooden hives, by hand without any heat or electricity, the old fashion way to retain the rich live enzymes, probiotics, natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


Product details:
Maker: Bush Organics 
Spring & Summer Flora
Leptospermum, Banksia, Sweet Bursaria, Honey and Heath Mrytle.