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Freydal. Medieval Games. The Book of Tournaments of Emperor Maximilian I


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From 1512 to 1515 Maximilian commissioned a massive, exquisitely detailed and illustrated manuscript of the 64 tournaments. The 255 elaborately gilt and silvered miniatures were more than just a collection of jousting scenes. In the guise of his literary alter ego "Freydal", the Emperor jousted to prove his love for a noble lady. The story ends with the lady agreeing to marry him - she is no other than Mary of Burgundy, whom Maximilian wed in 1477 at Ghent. To commemorate the fifth centenary of Emperor Maximilian I's death, Taschen reproduces the complete 255 miniatures in full-color photographs, making the unique manuscript accessible to all for the very first time. The astounding collection is introduced by Stefan Krause, director of the Kunsthistorisches Museum's Imperial Armoury, who tells its fascinating story.

Author : Stefan Krause

Publisher : Taschen

Publish Date : May 2019

Pages : 448

Format : Hardcover

Dimensions : 42.1 x 39.5 x 6 cm