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Mike Bianco 'Anthrocomb' Pollen-Tea Set


Adelaide Biennial artist Mike Bianco has collaborated with JamFactory to create a limited edition Anthrocomb Pollen Tea Set used in his installation Anthrocomb as part of the 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Monster Theatres.

Bianco has drawn on Anthrocomb’s theme of interspecies intimacy with honeybees, and has designed each object to draw on the colours and forms found within a beehive. To produce the work, Bianco has worked with a number of talented artisans who work in clay, wood, glass, metal, and textiles.

For each object in the set, Bianco has selected materials for their relationship to the environment, such as local Magill clay, timbers salvaged from the old Port Adelaide Wool Stores, and glass locally processed in Adelaide. As such, each object is unique in character, both expressing the hand of its maker while also speaking to an environmental sensibility. In addition, Bianco has created both a hand-dyed silk handkerchief made with calendula flowers, and produced a woodblock print on handmade mulberry paper.

Product details
Available in a limited edition of 10. Set includes Brass Spoon, Ceramic Bowl, Glass Jar, Wooden Box, Linen Wrap, Silk Handkerchief, Woodblock Print.

Ceramics: Stephanie James Manttan, David Pedler, Ashley Hopkins
Metal: Danielle Barrie
Timber: Stephen Anthony, Andrew Carvolth.
Glass: Liam Fleming, Drew Spangenberg, Lewis Batchelar, Bart Rentmeester, Kristel Britcher, Andrew Carvolth
Textiles: Darcy Palladino
Product Technical Design: Dean Toepfer
Creative Director: Daniel To
Woodblock Hand-Printed by Mike Bianco

All Objects Designed by Mike Bianco.