Lea Stein Signed Vintage Deco Stretch Bangle


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This is a rare, unique, one-of-a-kind piece made by Lea Stein in 1970s. They are silk-screened and are highly collectible. Stein developed a technique of layering and laminating extremely thin sheets of celluloid acetate. The multi-dimensional pieces were then baked for long periods, cooled and cut into shapes - a painstaking process that could take up to six months to complete. No two are ever exactly alike - recognisable by their extraordinary designs, colours, textures and patterns. 


Material: Celluloid Acetate 
Signed: Lea Stein Paris (Stamped into the inner back of the bracelet)
Dimensions: Height: 2.5cm
Diameter: 6.5cm (Stretch bangle)
Colour: Multicoloured - Blue, Purple, Yellow, Black
Condition: Vintage c. 1960

Lea Stein's fabulous vintage stretch Deco bangles are very and becoming harder to come across. This piece is signed and sourced directly from Stein herself in Paris by Bruna Harrison, ensuring their authenticity and collectibility.