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Indigo The Colour that Changed the World


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This book visits those places where the ancient blue-dye traditions still survive and indigo is part of the fabric of everyday life. The journey takes us through villages and markets, to dye studios, secondhand shops and museums of ethnology, following the blue thread that links Japan to Central America via southern China, India and Mali. It transports the reader into the realms of botany and chemistry, of world exploration, commerce and the slave trade, of cultural identity, medicine, folk beliefs, handcrafts and globalization, the universality of techniques and the particularity of fashions.

With more than 500 glorious photographs as well as specially commissioned drawings that provide close-ups on patterns and techniques, this book is the ultimate reference on this age-old dyeing technique.

Author : Catherine Legrand
Publisher : Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publish Date : Apr 2013
Page : 288
Format : BB - Hardcover
Dimensions : 29.9 x 27 cm