Odd Roads to be Walking

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While the life journeys of many artists can be described as "odd roads," few were as original as the those of the pioneering women artists of the late 19th and 20th centuries. As these richly talented women gathered around their easels and shared their dining tables, their courage, energy and generosity shone through.

This lavishly presented publication explores the extraordinary lives of these women and in the process celebrates their individual and collective contributions to the shaping of modern Australian art. Featuring more than 300 magnificent illustrations and the biographies of 156 women, it showcases art as diverse as the exquisite botanical drawings of Ellis Rowan (1848-1922) to the striking graphic works of Kerry Giles (Kurwingie) (1959-1997).


Author: Paul Finucane & Catherine Stuart
Publisher: Red Barn Publishing
Publish Date: 2019
Pages: 303
Format: Hardback
Dimensions: 24.5 x 30.5cm